I am a nurse. For 30 years of my career, I was a labor and delivery nurse. I took care of women through all stages of labor and through their delivery. Due to the many times that I have worked 16 hour shifts, I bonded with many women and helped them through long hours. Finally, through much work on the mom’s part with my guidance, she would be ready to deliver. In would sail the doctor, spend five minutes catching the baby, and then pose for all the pictures. I would hear from the families how wonderful he/she was.


Then why is my back killing me because I stood for two to three hours with a woman in a variety of positions including resting her foot on my shoulder while she pushed? Oh, and did I mention that she is also paralyzed from the waist down from the epidural, so I was also helping to hold her up while she squatted to push?

Why have I had to change my scrub clothes twice in a shift because someone either puked on me or amniotic fluid soaked everything?


Who is it that actually got that IV started while reassuring the poor mom?

Who is it that took the camera out of the daddy’s trembling hand and started taking family pictures because she knew that otherwise there would be no proof that he had even been in the room? And capturing the look of wonder on both parent’s faces at the same time.

Who is it that cleaned up every body fluid that can spew from a human, with a smile on her face and encouraging words for the mortified patient who has never been sick in front of a stranger in her life?

Who is it that tracked down the anesthesia people, chased them out of the lounge, and threatened them with their lives if they didn’t take care of her patient, NOW?

And when things didn’t go well, who was it that took that poor baby that didn’t make it, cleaned it up, dressed it, wrapped it in a soft blanket, and brought it to the broken-hearted parents to hold for the first and last time?

Oh, yeah, Dr. Marvelous is just great.

I’m just a nurse.

- Kathy Hurst Davis, Nurse, quoted in this Slate article. (via thedaysofforever)

Nurses are so underappreciated, like, seriously guys. All of my best memories from hospitals as a child were because of nurses.

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..I’ll never forget the first baby I caught as a student nurse because the doctor was out buying a magazine or something because the mom was “only 50 cents’ worth of dilated” and couldn’t possibly be ready to deliver for another three or four hours. Oh yeah.

Most doctors are wonderful. No question. But 90% of the people who take care of you in the hospital are the nurses.

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Nurses, especially in hospitals, are the front line of your care. They’re the ones who are always available at the touch of a button. And it’s been nurses who have saved my life on three separate occasions. Praise all good things in the universe for nurses. Underappreciated, under-resourced and woefully underpaid nurses.

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I always love my nurses. They’re awesome!

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As a child of a labor and delivery nurse, I want to make something clear: Doctors are the people who have studied medicine and know how the body works, but nurses are the people who listen to the doctor’s orders and actually translate it into action. Some doctors are nurses, true. But in the end, that person who keeps the patient alive? That’s a nurse. And I’m proud to present my mother as a hero.

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Ho-hum, my writing wires are fried.

Hum de dum, a storygame I started needs a second chapter.

Why do I do this to myself?


Does anyone else watch “How it’s made” and make little airplane sounds when they zoom around the example of whatever they are talking about?

So needlessly dramatic.

Love that show!




unpopular opinion

i hate these cookies


Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit. You’re the reason society is crumbling. In 20 years, New York is going to be a pile of ash and dust because people like you exist. This is why I fucking hate tubmlr.

I also don’t like those cookies. The icing is too sweet. But the chocolate chip ones that walmart has are awesome, they’re like… 80 percent preservatives but I dont care.

I neither like nor dislike these cookies. Which, as a form of sweet, should be irrevocably enticing.

These cookies have failed in their task. THEY WILL BE COURT MARTIALED.

Humble Bundle is having a week long sale on female protagonist game type things! And I thought, hey, I saw one of my friends post something about female protagonist game type things here so why not help them out?

I’m of two minds on the Black Widow Movie that everybody wants.

On the one hand, part of the fun of Black Widow as a character is that she has an incredibly awesome life, but it’s totally offscreen. It’s a sort of mystique and intriguing mystery; Who is she? Where did she come from? Imagination can run wild. True, you could just check out the comics, but the Cinematic Universe is pretty clearly not identical and who knows?

On the other hand… Black Widow is pretty awesome and has an awesome life. Bringing that to the screen… that could be very cool! Learning some details of her past, watching her grow from whatever she was to what she is now. She’s also a perfect vehicle for fleshing out the more “mortal” side of the world, since she’s not superhuman and deals with politics.

So… I’m not going to anticipate it, but I will go see it if it does come out.

Spreading the word about THIS THING which I’ve made an easy to fill out Character Sheet for.

I might try GMing again! If, you know, I can get players and whatnot.


I’ve spent the last 18 years hating myself.

I thought about taking a picture of myself today while dressed up, and I couldn’t hold the camera still because I was shaking so badly. Then came the tears.

I need someone to talk to, over text. Someone who stays up late, who doesn’t mind rambling…

I think I’m your friend….

I try to be…

I’m just quiet….



Righto. I feel like ranting. Give me a subject, and within the hour you will receive a half-educated consideration of it.

The lack of funding for scientific research.

Okey dokey!

When people say scientific research, a lot of what they mean is technological innovation. Which isn’t scientific research, at all. Science is poking the same thing with a stick over and over and over and noticing if anything is different. Technology is taking the stick and poking something so it’s useful. Either way, though, we don’t fund the stick makers that much, if the stick hasn’t proved useful, which is what the scientists and the technofreaks need in the first place to prove useful. This is because we’re throwing money at things that were useful and ARE useful—not things that have no current or past use.

….yeah, my ranty mood passed.

Righto. I feel like ranting. Give me a subject, and within the hour you will receive a half-educated consideration of it.